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What is BIT


Introduction of BIT

Explanations of Bio-physical Information Therapy Bodo Koehler, Freiburg
Dr.rer.nat. Wolfgang Ludwig †

In order for a new therapeutic method to be successful in practice, it must supersede the present spectrum of results, be cost-effective and save time. Moreover, it should keep pace with the total development of the medical field, which attends to ever more chronic, therapy-resistant patients.

Bio-physical Information Therapy has not only reached these goals, but it went far beyond. The development of this method was so fast in the past thirty years, that much of this information flood could not be coped with, and therefore misunderstandings surfaced. Often, based on faulty interpretations or the wrong application, negative results were obtained which have damaged the method, also in the public eye.

For these reasons it became necessary to undertake this exposition that provides the user, and also the reader who is simply interested, with an overview true to the original about the chronological development of the method itself, but also about its working's mechanism (that over time, because of new discoveries, had to be corrected various times), so that it mentions the persons who have contributed in an important way to the development and who also act as witnesses of time. For the rapid development of the new therapeutically processes, persons not directly involved became confused about terminology; e.g. the therapy and the diagnostics are frequently confounded ("Bio-Resonance Diagnostic").

It is therefore necessary to bring order in the system, which can best be done by writing down the exact chronological processes.

The energetic aspect of life will play an even much larger role in future medicine than up-to-now. It will completely replace the purely material approach. The Bio-Physical Information Therapy has already laid the ground stones for this development. For this reason the following explanations are also of historical value.


Historical Medical Background

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Biophysical Background

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The Founders of the Therapeutic Movement

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Therapeutic Foundation

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Therapeutical Precedents

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Indications, Contra-Indications

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Evidence of Efficiency

Success that can be proven depends on the principle illness and its cause. Among others, statistics of over 5 million (!... [learn more]
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