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Therapeutic Foundation


The basic idea consists (contrarily to traditional medicine) of the fact that the symptoms of the illness are the externally visible signs of a healing process, initiated by the immune system so that the organism can free itself from a great burden (e.g. virus invasion). This applies to acute illnesses. Chronic illnesses appear when this healing process stops due to an exhaustion of the immune system. For this reason the symptoms of an illness should not be fought (opposite of traditional medicine), but sooner the organism must be supported in its defence.

The site of the illness is not the organ cell, but sooner the surrounding binding tissue, which performs a nursing function and according to A. Pischinger can be considered as "Matrix" or "Basic Regulatory System". Constant stress burden causes here disruptions in functioning due to blocking of the cybernetic regulatory circuits. The information flow is disrupted, the charge potential lowered or increased, a lack of ATP exists, the bio-rhythms are in chaos, hyperacidity with fermentation or hyper alkaline exists - in short, the homeostasis is serious disrupted.


BIT efficiency rest, according to today’s science, on the following principles:

Each modulatory oscillation represents an information. Whether or not this is useful for the organism is determined by the information contents, which among other things should have a regulating effect on the tissue. In order for the information to influence the organism at all, the corresponding oscillation must enter the organism. However, this only takes place when it can pass through the so-called "Adey window", which (according to W.R. Adey) is provided by a certain frequency (information contents) as well as a certain (very weak) intensity. Several exists in an organism. The organism transmits its information in an extremely low energy range; also at a very low amplitude.

In order to obtain the desired therapeutic effect, first a resonance must occur (literary: "resound" or swinging due to an impulse) after passing through the "Adey Window". Through the interference (super positioning of oscillations) the amplifying or weakening phenomena can then appear, which creates a new (superior) energy model of the corresponding tissues. This is the required condition for the regeneration process and allows to increase the anabolic activity of the metabolism. This new (!) complex information can be considered an external healing impulse (exogenous BIT) with regulatory properties (reorganization). This can fortify weak organ areas, or provide support for vital immune system functions. For this reason, patients with a lowered defence system are preferably treated with exogenous BIT.

However, this still does not explain the therapeutic effect in case of oscillations of the body itself.

In order to understand this, it is necessary to explain the energy properties of a tissue. Tissue cells usually have a charge potential of 70 to 90 mV, with a rapid sequence of depolarization and repolarization (discharge and recharge). In case of illness, in the first place various constant stress factors cause a strong lowering of this charge until a constant depolarization of entire tissue sections. This causes more serious disruptions of the metabolism (lack of energy, blocked detoxification of cells, diminished substratum activity).

These changes proceed the restructuring of the corresponding superior field which experiences, compared with normal tissues, less oscillation fluctuations (higher frequency through energy absorption, diminution through energy release), but an increase in rigid frequencies. This means a decrease in the capacity to adapt to external irritations (increasing rigidness in regulation), which increases the risk for illness.

The organism has the characteristic to adapt itself to long lasting changes and to consider these as normal. Therefore chronic inflammations can also "fall asleep", because the body tolerates them. The immune system can only be woken up again with an "warning signal". By using endogenous BIT, the electro-magnetic signals are removed directly from the sick tissue through the skin electrodes and guided into the BIT machine. Here the frequency spectrum can be purposefully altered (depending on the type of machine). By chronic illnesses, the therapeutic signal is guided to a healthy site, e.g. the thymus, where it persistently disturbs the homeostasis (dynamic order in the tissues, that is formed by rhythms) according to the abovementioned principles, because it is a warning signal. The organism immediately defends itself with an active response to the irritation (counter regulation).


This counter-oscillation produced by the healthy tissues diffuses itself throughout the entire body within milliseconds, but only resounds with the sick tissue because of necessary similarity and functions there as a healing impulse. Therefore the patient only experiences a reaction in this area.
This healing impulse is the information needed by the defence system, which hereby is called to action and then produces the real healing reaction. BIT efficiency in case of frequencies of the body itself also needs an exceptionally intact immune system as a partner.

The body signal can in case of certain indications (acute illnesses, toxic burden) also be inverted (180° phase turn) and be directly sent back into the sick tissue. Hereby follows, however, no extinction of the pathological frequencies due to interference, but a disassociation thereof. This produces a local warning signal with the same immune reactions as a response to the irritation, as described above.

The Chinese chose another route for the practical application of information transmission, while developing acupuncture. The observable phenomena are the same ones as by BIT. However, it is a lot harder to explain, although the morphological substrata of acupuncture points has been deciphered in the meantime. The prick of the needle sets biophotons free and apparently couples several information levels hereby, and in this way sets off a warning signal.

Because of the development of electro-acupuncture by Voll during the fifties, it could be proven that the information flow in the meridians can be influenced with electrical impulses. Moreover, the electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) made it possible for the first time to test medication.

This made the real break in empirical research possible, because it showed that medication already altered the measuring value when it was just held in the hand. This made it clear that a medication sends out oscillations which are registered by the organism and which can be answered (response to irritation). C. W. Smith discovered during his research that the curative power of a medication represents an electro-magnetic oscillation information that can be transmitted electronically, but not via material.

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