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Evidence of Efficiency


Success that can be proven depends on the principle illness and its cause. Among others, statistics of over 5 million (!) successfully treated patients in Moscow exist. Numerous case studies prove that so-called "treated-out" patients can also be treated successfully. Progressive illnesses are halted, others even cured. Hereto belong cases of MS, colitis ulcerosa, morbus Crohn, rheumatic illnesses, cardiac illnesses (degenerative or CHD), etc. In case of chronic patients, the response rate is about 80%, healing rate about 60 %.

Independent of case observations, scientific proof of the physical principles was delivered in 1996 by a study of the Atom Physics Institute of the Vienna University (Prof. H. Klima).

The sceptics report from time to time, however, and present "proof" with which the ineffectiveness of the BIT shall be covered. All these studies showed considerable defects in design and execution and can be put down under the chapter "opinion manipulation by a specific misinformation".

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