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Therapeutical Precedents


Nature healing presupposes a holistic thinking. Patient should be included in his totality and all his problem areas treated jointly. The following step scheme has proved itself:

1. Creating healing prerequisites by CMR
(Psycho-regulation, 4-polar regulation of cell-metabolism and acids/bases)

2. Constitution therapy
(Strengthening of the genetic weak point with natural external info’s)

3. Relief therapy
(Matrix-Regeneration by detoxification, therapy of disturbance fields)

4. Support of the immune system orthomolecular
(vitamins, minerals, organic remedies a.s.o.)

Cure prerequisites must be created first, i.e. all blocked systems are made regulation capable again and to be more precise in the area of psyche, cell metabolism and acids/bases regulation. This turns out well most effectively with the ZMR device.

In case of a weakened constitution a treatment with exogenous BIT is applied in the first place to build up strength. Only then follows the diminution of the permanent stress burden with BIT. This is performed with general "Matrix Regeneration Therapy", or step-by-step with endogenous BIT. The goal is the restoration of the basic system according to A. Pischinger.

Regular control of the condition of the metabolism with VEGA-STT, SRT or ZMR demonstrates the treatment's efficiency. A real improvement in efficiency can only be reached with a direct compensation by the metabolism with the same equipment, before further therapeutic steps are undertaken.

As reference for therapy progress, the main symptom is used (e.g. skin inflammation), which is not treated directly, but should get better during therapy.

To conclude the treatment, the acceptance of the original trigger is re-established, e.g. of an allergen.

The art for the doctor consists of recognizing the constitutional weaknesses of the patient, to diagnostically work out all the burden factors, next to strengthen the constitution, then to perform a step-by-step discharge according to a certain hierarchy until the self-regulation of the metabolism starts up again. It is a completely individual procedure. The more precisely this principle can be applied, the higher the efficiency. The efforts needed depend on the seriousness of the principle illness.

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