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Further informations about BIT

BIT and other Forms of Therapy

BIT is a biophysical treatment involving an information transfer through very weak energy fields which activate the immu... [learn more]


The procedure is applied worldwide with in the meantime about 20.000 users. Most therapists can be found in Germany and ... [learn more]

Future Perspectives

Technical development of the equipment has reached a high level that hardly can be improved. The application possibiliti... [learn more]


The new, scientific based world view Dr. med. Bodo Köhler, Freiburg **1**   ... [learn more]


... [learn more]

Professional Growth Activities

BIT-Aerzte-Gesellschaft Wilhelmstraße 10 D-79106 Freiburg Telefax: 0800-000 5516 E-Mail:  ... [learn more]
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