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Future Perspectives


Technical development of the equipment has reached a high level that hardly can be improved. The application possibilities, in most cases, far exceed those which are being practiced. However, it is not a cure-all method through which seriously ill patients can be healed easily and quickly by pushing a button.

Modern technology was rather connected appropriately with the latest knowledge for body physiology and functional processes in the organism. Alone the putting into action of the 3+1 law after the Nobel prize winner Wolfgang Pauli in the medicine made a basically new position of the life processes possible. This one for all acids/bases regulation eminently important to enzyme activities is connected inseparably with the cell-metabolism and is subject to a 4-pole regulation as well as all other function systems including the psyche.

This pioneering and trend-setting knowledge forms the basis of the LIFE SUPPORTING MEDICINE LSM which forms the frame for the practical application of the BIT. 3 aspects are always taken into account jointly: the 4-pole psycho-regulation, the 4-pole regulation of cell-metabolism (a. t. J. Schole) in connection with acids/ bases household, as well as these 4-pole regulation of the matrix (basic regulatory system a. t. A. Pischinger) by the 4 electrolytes. Regulation disturbances and permanent stress burdens will recorded together always, diagnostically as therapeutically.


Further improvements in therapeutic efficiency go for this reason hand-in-hand with new knowledge about the human psyche and physiology. Depending on these factors cures can still be found in the future for until now therapy resistant illnesses. This is where the main potential for new application possibilities lies.

A big step in this direction is the UNIT-Concept proposed by B. Koehler in 1997, which contains a cross-professional and interdisciplinary orientation and not only takes the patient into account during therapy, but also the environment that influences this patient.

The latest answer to the upcoming problems of our time was given by ZMR with the newly developed cell & matrix revitalization. With this fully automatic method all blockades can be recorded and regulated – mental just like at a material level.

One thing is sure in any case: Without BIT, future development of medicine is unthinkable.

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