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BIT and other Forms of Therapy


BIT is a biophysical treatment involving an information transfer through very weak energy fields which activate the immune system, guiding it towards a specific purpose. This regulates the organism's physiological processes, in other words softening excessive reactions, and stimulating weak ones. Thus, curative and regenerative processes can occur once again without any obstacle.

Particularly in this day and age, with levels of pollution in our environment being so important, BIT can achieve excellent results. By means of a warning signal, it can aim the immune system directly at the toxins stored in the body in order to dissolve and eliminate them (activating the macrophages). The disturbed functions can then become normal again through the subsequent release of the matrix. As these processes depend on an intact immune system which, in serious cases, may not be functioning normally, it will be necessary to begin by applying a treatment aimed at strengthening the constitution. This is the field of exogenous BIT but it can also be completed with any other method which provides support. Among these are the different fields of the natural healing methods. Unfortunately, traditional medicine has nothing to offer in this sector. Its strength lies in emergency care and surgical techniques. The success of these treatments can be enhanced with BIT by correcting certain problems of the metabolism through detoxification, by reducing constant stress factors, stimulating the immune system, providing scar treatment or other similar processes before and after surgical operations. This will ensure that the wounds heal much faster and that complications are avoided.

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