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Int. Association of BIT Physicians


An association of doctors, in the beginning called "MORA-Aerzte-Gesellschaft (MORA Physicians Society)", exists since 1980. Later on it was named "Bio-Resonance Physicians Society". Since 1992 it is called "International Medical Society for Bio-physical Information Therapy". Abbreviation: "BIT-Aerzte-Gesellschaft (BIT Physicians Assn.)" It is an association for mutual benefit, independent from ideologies and companies, whose goal it is to further develop the BIT method and diffuse new ideas.
Two-year training programs of over 100 hours, in several course sections, exists. At the end an exam for "BIT Expert" can be taken.

Dr. med. Bodo Köhler

Dr. med. Regine Schneider

Seat of the Association:
Heitersheim, Germany

Mailing address:
BIT-Ärzte-Gesellschaft, Wilhelmstraße 10, D-79098 Freiburg

Telefax: +49 (0)800-000 5516

Here you can also obtain an extensive list of publications, as well as professional materials.


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